How to Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

In this post, I will show you how to setting up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile. The application corner was previously available on Windows 8.1. After you upgrade to Windows 10, you can still use the Corner Application.

How to Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

Cellphones are the most personal devices. You can reveal someone’s biggest secret on their phone, so some people feel uncomfortable lending their phone. On an Android or iOS device, the use of certain applications can be limited by key applications, to open certain applications you must use a password. But what if the person who borrowed your phone asks for a password and you are too kind not to give it and eventually that person messes up your phone. By using Corner Apps on Windows 10 Mobile, you can share your Windows Phone with your friends without worrying about your privacy. Other people who use your phone with Apps Corner will only be able to use applications that are permitted for you to use. Yes, you can set what applications you want to share.

How to Setting up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

If someone else is using a Windows phone, Apps Corner lets you set the Start screen for them with only the applications you choose.

  1. Go to Settings > Account > Corner Application.
  2. Select Applications to select the applications you want in the Corner Application.
  3. Pin Application Corner to Get Started.
  4. Click the Back button when you are finished.
  5. To make use of the Corner Application, tap the tile and press the Launch button.
  6. When you get your phone back, hold it down and click the Power button, then swipe up to close Apps Corner.

Note: To avoid access to your own Start screen, use Protect my phone using a password> New password.

Windows 10 Mobile Application Corner Export Settings

Before deciding to share Apps Corner settings with many other phones, you need an SD card and SD card slots on both phones to do this.

  1. Select Settings > Account > Application Corner > Advanced > Export to SD card.
  2. Insert the SD card in another phone.
  3. Select Settings > Account > Application Corner> Import from SD card. Note that the Import button from the SD card only appears if there is an Application Corner settings file on the SD card.

Tip: if you want to set up and use Kids Corner on Windows 10 Mobile, follow this.

Setting up a Windows 10 Mobile Kids Corner

Kids Corner on Windows 10 mobile

Kid’s Corner is actually the place on your Windows 10 Mobile to add applications, music, games and videos

  1. At Start, swipe up to the Application list, select Settings > Account > Child Corner, then select Next.
  2. Select Applications, Music, Games or Video, select the items you want, then select Done.
  3. When you finish adding things, select Next.

How to use Kid’s Corner Windows 10 Mobile

To access Kid’s Corner, swipe up through the lock screen, then swipe up. Or visit Settings> Account> Child’s Corner and after that select Launch Child’s Corner.

Your children can now take advantage of applications that you add. They can also choose Customization to choose a new name or accent color, as well as resize and move tiles.

To leave Kid’s Corner, press the mobile power button. Press again to return to the main lock screen.

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That was an explanation of the Setting Up Apps Corner Windows 10. Hopefully this article can help you. If you have questions, please write in the comments column and we will help you. Thanks for visiting.

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