How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads (2020)

How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads – Now see how you can completely delete all Ads on Windows Spotlight. Many people enjoy the highlighted Windows feature. The picture in the lock screen display application is very beautiful. Besides loading pictures from Bing. Spotlight also has a trivia problem known as Windows Spotlight Quiz. Windows Spotlight Images also provides some information, fun truths and on-screen advertisements. For some Windows customers, that’s annoying. Advertising is important for financing various sites. But annoying advertisements sometimes make people angry.

How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads

How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads

There is a method for removing spotlight ads. Removing the Spotlight ad window also removes interesting information and Spotlight image information. Because the settings will be in one general setting. Below are the simple steps on How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop.
  2. Just click personalization below.
  3. In the saved menu, select the locking mechanism display menu.
  4. Continue to the core of the display screen, there is a drop-down menu.
  5. Click up and down and choose an image.
  6. Lower to get more fun, details and advice from Windows and Cortana on the display of your locking mechanism. You will find the switch, change it again.
  7. Go to the drop-down list, and select Windows Spotlight.
  8. Complete.

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That is a strategy for removing spotlight ads. Understand that the strategy also eliminates the quiz details, quiz window highlights, info and more. To activate interesting details in the windows highlight, complete the steps. When moving the number 6 moves on the switch button. If you still have problems removing the highlight window ad, comment below and we will help you. Thanks for visiting.

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