How to Install Notepad++ Hex Editor Plugin for Windows 10

In this today, I will show you about How to Install Notepad++ Hex Editor Plugin for Windows 10. Notepad ++ can be a free text editor and ASCII text file editor for use with Microsoft Windows. It supports multiple languages and tab editors, which allows operations with multiple files open during one window. origin The project name of the operator increases C. However, there are some square-sized text files that the user cannot open offering Notepad ++. however, there are square measures for various plausible text formats and programming languages that you install for your Notepad ++. one of the many plugins is the Hex Editor Plugin; used to view text in Hex format.

What is Hex Editor?

The term “Hex” comes from hexadecimal which is a numeric format to represent binary data. Hex Editor is often a program that helps you analyze, view, and edit hexadecimal code files. Sometimes users generate personal files that cannot be opened to get a reason and you can open files in the Hex Editor and many files that can have details at the top of the file, explaining what type of file it is always. This is really also used in editing the game’s saved status file and changing features that can be adjusted within the game. There are several Hex Editor Software available and you will use this in Notepad ++ also with a plugin for this.

How to Install Notepad++ Hex Editor Plugin

Step 1: Add the Plugin Manager with Github

Plugin Manager is another plugin that allows to install, update, and delete all plugins offered in Notepad ++. But after Notepad ++ version 7.5, the Plugin Manager plugin was removed from the official provider. The cause of removal of this plugin is due to sponsored advertisements. When you open this plugin, you will see an ad at the bottom of the window, with the result that this is removed. The default Plugin Manager starts and returns some time later.

If you have had the Plugin Manager in your Notepad ++, and skip this process. This is specially removed for now you can add / install the Plugin Manager manually. To try this, follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, you must visit the GitHub: Plugin Manager link.
  2. You can choose a 32bit or 64bit zip file and download it.
  3. Now Extract the WinRAR nothing victim file and open the extracted folder.
  4. There will be 2 folders in it, “plugins” and “updater”. each can have one. You want to repeat the file from here to the Notepad ++ plugins and updater folder.
  5. Find the Notepad ++ folder: C: \ Program Files \ Notepad ++
  6. Now copy the file from the folder with the downloaded plugin and paste it from the right folder from Notepad ++.
  7. After copying the file, restart Notepad ++ and your Plugin Manager can be there now.

Step 2: Install the Hex Editor Plugin with Plugin Manager

In this method, you will find installing the Hex Editor Plugin in Notepad ++ using Plugin Manager. Plugin Manager is simple and great for installing and removing any plugin for Notepad ++. By default, the Hex editor will not be available in Notepad ++ and also cannot see the text available as Hex but after installing the Hex Editor Plugin, it is possible to view any file in Hex without problems. Here are the methods on how to install the Hex Editor Plugin:

  1. Open Notepad ++ by double clicking on your shortcut.
  2. Now with the menu bar click “Plugins”.
  3. Then choose Plugin Manager and then click Show Plugin Manager.
  4. This can open a window with all the list of available plugins. Try to find “HEX-Editor”.
  5. Select and press the “Install” button, it can request restarting Notepad ++ right after installing.
  6. When restarting, now open the file in Notepad ++ that you need to see on HEX, for example LineInst.exe that people found in this procedure. You can drag and drop Notepad ++.
  7. If your file is opened, select Plugins, and then HEX-Editor and then click “Look at the HEX”.
  8. This can change the encoded text to HEX.

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That was the article about How to Install Notepad ++ Hex Editor Plugin for Windows 10. Hopefully this article can help you. If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column and we will help you. Thanks for visiting.

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