Get Help with Windows Media Player in Windows 10

Hi there! Would you like to listen to music or watch a film? I remember the times when Microsoft Windows Media Player was in huge popularity among other players in the market. After some of the latest updates from Microsoft, people are having problems with the media player. In this complete guide, I’ll show you how to Get Help with Windows Media Player in Windows 10.

There are times when we use Microsoft Windows Media Player for all daily audio and video streams. But what if you are presented with an error in Windows Media Player? I will discuss some common problems and errors in Windows Media Player in this article.

get help with windows media player in windows 10

Personally, I like this player and feel very comfortable using it, than others like VLC media player, Pot Player, KM Player, etc. And I’m sure many people are doing the same.

Get help with windows media player on windows 10

Get help with play DVD in windows 10

Windows 10 brings many changes, one of which is the loss of Windows Media Center and DVD playback, because of this we cannot play DVDs using Windows Media Player, so what should we do? Well, you can use an alternative application to play DVDs. Try VLC, absolutely free and easy to use.

Get help with Windows Media Player that doesn’t work on Windows 10

Get help with windows media player not working in windows 10

After the installation process is complete, you may feel relaxed and listening to music, but when you open Windows Media Player, it says “Windows Media Player is having trouble playing, Here’s what we recommend to do in order to fix it: open your Windows Media Player, then click Arrange in the upper right corner, then click Options-> Library, then uncheck the files. ” If this still doesn’t work, go to the link below and download the fix for Windows media player and check.

Get help about Windows Media Player not Working

Get help with Windows Media Player error messages on Windows 10

When you play multimedia files, sometimes you get an error message and you can’t play the file. In the error message there is a Web page button, make sure you are connected to the internet, then click the button to see what the error code number is. The error code is an alphanumeric character, to get help you can google for it and find answers to correct the error code.

Get help with Windows Media Player codecs in Windows 10

You might also need to install a number of codecs to play certain file formats. The easiest way to install a codec is via the internet, you must be online to get the codec you need. Open the Help menu in your Windows Media Player (if you can’t see the Help menu, tap or click Arrange, tap or click Layout, then select Show menu bar), then click About Windows Media Player. Your default web browser will open and display detailed information about codecs, plug-ins and whatever you need to solve your problem.

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Get help from Technical Support for Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Contact Technical Support for help with Windows 10 Windows Media Player. When you feel stuck and can’t find your own way to solve a problem with your Windows 10 Windows Media Player, professional help may be needed. You can contact Windows Media Player’s technical support on Windows 10. Go to this page to get their help.

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  1. windows media player wont burn play list
    says some files… check icon next to the songs icon is not there
    what are possible problems
    please help

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